my sponsors

Discover my Sponsors which they believe in my goal and they support me
in every step I make into the racing field.

Sponsors who said about me

Some time my Sponsors say about me and my effort in the racing field even in front of my face!

At Yamaha faithful in supporting the efforts of young athletes, we have recognized the talent and morale of the young rider and stand by him from his first steps abroad in supporting his quest for an international career. We are proud to support the Greek rider.

I am very moved by the effort of this amazing kid that I know from the day he was born I am sure he will succeed and i will be by his side until he reaches the World Championship.

A happy kid full of energy and a lot of talent in what he does. I’m glad to be with him. It makes us proud as Greeks.

meet my sponsors

Meet my Sponsors one by one separatelly because they support me enough
so I can achieve my goal, my dream!

I would like to thank my sponsors for the support and confidence they have shown me on the road to getting to the World Motorcycle Championship, without all these people it would just be a dream . I hope to make them proud by achieving our common goal.

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