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The Races of 2020

Find here all the information about the program I have to race in Italy at Pre-Moto 3 category
for the new racing season.

  • Round #1

25-26 April  – Misano

  • Round #2

23-24 May  – Imola

  • Round #3

20-21 June  – Mugello

  • Round #4

25-26 July  – Misano

  • Round #5

19-20 September  – Mugello

  • Round #6

3-4 October  – Vallelunga

Race 01

The debut of Vassilis Panteleakis in the new category of the Italian Championship (Pre Moto3) in which he competes this year, took place at the beginning of July at Mugello, a well known track from the World Championship.
The adaptation of Vassilis was very good and he managed to stand out from the very first day, marking the 7th best time among 32 drivers, while his difference from the first was only one second!
In Saturday’s qualifying practise, he managed to further reduce his difference from the first rider in the first place to eight tenths and consequently he started the race from the third row on the grid! In fact, he was the best among the three drivers of his team in the Pre Moto3 category: AC Racing Team.
In the first race he couldn’t make the start he wanted and lost several places, falling to 14th. However, he quickly found his rhythm and started to mark times similar to those he had done in the qualifying practice (2:07).
In the second half of the race he impressed with successive overtakings and managed to climbe in the group of four drivers who were fighting for the 9th place. In the last part of the track and especially in the last two corners, Vassilis had the upper hand and keeping his defensive lines in a masterful way, he fought bravely and in the end he managed to emerge victorious in this battle and take 9th place.
In the second race he was more prepared and full of confidence after his successful debut. This time his race start was almost perfect and Vassilis was immediately thrown into the fights for the 5th place of a large group of drivers. Despite losing up to 8km/hr on the huge straight line (over 1,100 meters) the Greek rider was compensating that loss gaining ground in the turns.
He showed great stability, especially in the second half of the race with consecutive laps at 2:07, and as a result he completed the race in an impressive way, crossing the finish line in 5th place! It was a very strong debut for the young Greek rider, who managed to overcome the difficulties and impress in this new chapter of his career.


Race 02

The second race of the Italian Championship CIV 2020 took place on the last weekend of July at the Misano circuit, which has been hosting MotoGP races for the last 13 years.
Vasilis Panteleakis traveled to Italy without knowing the aforementioned track, which he entered for the first time on Friday, a few hours before the two races of the Pre Moto3 category, in which he participates this year with the AC Racing Team.
The first sessions on the track were rainy and so the Greek rider lost a lot of time. This, however, instead of disappointing him made him even more determined and hungry for success!
On Saturday, during the qualifying sessions, he showed his rich talent and his ability to cope with difficult situations. Despite having the fewest laps of any rider on the track, he achieved the 6th best time of the day, among 30 riders!
Saturday’s first race would last 14 laps and took place on an extremely hot track, as the temperatures on
the asphalt exceeded 50ο C. Vasilis’ start was not good and in the first laps he dropped to 7th place and remained last in the group of four drivers who were fighting for 4th place.
Then he increased his pace and after making his best time in the race, which was eight tenths (!) below the time he had achieved in the qualifying session, he started to gain ground. With confidence and faith in himself, Vasilis masterfully carried out his attacks on his opponents, leaving them unable to react. In the last stages of the race he managed to create a big gap to the rest of the field and only one driver was between him and the podium!
He studied his opponent carefully for 4 rounds and when he saw the opportunity, he made a wonderful pass for the third place! He immediately started to push, showing similar pace to the ones fighting for victory,
taking a convincing 3rd place with a 2,5’’ gap to the fourth driver! It was a historic result and the first time a Greek driver reached the podium in the CIV Italian Championship!
The second race in Misano was held in similar conditions to the first. A good start saw Vasilis move into the first group of 12 riders fighting for the top spot. His lines were impressive and equally impressive was his tactical approach in the first half of the race. He began the second half knowing that he was faster than his opponents. He quickly climbed into the top three and he realized that he was a bit faster than his opponents.
This time his goal was the top step of the podium! Four laps before the end he saw an opportunity and attempted a spectacular double-overtaking, but unfortunately he collided with his teammate and lost three seconds.
Although he lost several places, he soon found himself once again fighting for the win. With only two laps remaining, Vasilis attempted again a second double-overtaking and yet again he collided with one of his opponent and crashed. Though he couldn’t finish the race, he was definitely among the standouts of the Pre Moto3 category in the Italian Championship.


Race 03

The third round of the Pre Moto3 category of the Italian Championship took place at the Imola track. Vasilis Panteleakis had a difficult task in learning the narrow Italian circuit with its difficult technical parts. Unfortunately the time available during free practice was very limited. The red flags constantly disturbed the riders, making things extremely difficult for Vasilis, who nevertheless tried to find his rhythm and proper lines for this demanding circuit. In the end, the limited time in free practice proved to be a significant obstacle in finding the right set-up for the qualifying practice or the races. In addition to that, Vasilis and his team had to deal with several mechanical problems that made things even more difficult. The result was to start both races from the seventh row of the grid.
The start of the first race was not ideal and soon Vasilis found himself fighting for the 26th place. As this was not enough, his motorcycle had once again mechanical problems and he could not push as much as he would have liked. Despite all these, Vasilis fought back and gained five places in only two laps. In the middle
of the race he climbed to 20th place and during the last laps he managed to overtake two more opponents and finished 18th.
His presence was much improved in the second race. The start, however, around the slowest drivers in the class again complicated things, but this time his pace was much better, lapping two whole seconds faster compared to the first race!
He significantly improved his times in the second half of the track and after giving several battles, he finally crossed the finish line in 16th place, just 1.5 seconds away from the group that battled for the 10th place.
The next and final race of the Pre Moto3 category of the Italian championship will be held on October 17 and 18 at the Vallelunga track.


the races of 2019

Find here all the information about the program I have to race either in Italy either in Greece
and watch all the results.

April 14

Round 1 CIV Junior
at Cervesina

May 12

Round 2 CIV Junior
at Modena

June 16

Round 3 CIV Junior
at Varano

July 14

Round 4 CIV Junior
at Magione

September 8

Round 5 CIV Junior
at Franciacorta

Race 01

On 13 – 14 of April the first double race of Italian Championship took place at Tazio Novulari track.
Saturdays weather was good with sun and temperatures were at 17 degrees but on Sunday
Rained a lot and the temperature dropped drastically
Vasilis timed runs on Saturday were really close to the times of the first racer
At the first race Vasilis wasn’t good mentally and ended in the 9th place but in the second race was determined even after his crash on the warm up lap and made an incredible race with many battles and took the 5th place


Race 02

Modenas track hosted the second race of the italian championship on Sunday 12th May
Weather conditions were awful, raining the entirety of the day
Having a well set up bike from his new team Vasilis was ready to give his best self
but bad luck struck the greek rider as an electrical problem didn’t allow him to start the race This had a negative effect mentally and in the second race Vasilis didn’t have any mechanicals but because of his low self esteem finished 10th


Race 03

The third round of the CIV Junior Italian Championship took place on the weekend of June 15/16, at Autodromo “Riccardo Paletti” in Varano, Italy where 21 MiniGP top-class drivers fought hard
He was one of seven drivers in the class to break the 1:20 barrier and start 6th. It was the first time he raced in perfect conditions. Vasilis made an impressive start and won two places on the first turn of the track
One mistake forced him to open his line and temporarily get off track, losing several seats. He didn’t put it down and finally finished 8th.
The second race started with Vasilis Panteleakis again being very strong in the start, going up to 4th place. But one mistake of a co-athlete forced him to go off track again.
It was an unfortunate moment because he missed the chance for a good result, then despite losing the front group again, his times were excellent. The checkered flag again found him in 8th place.


Race 04

Vasilis Panteleakis did his best race on July 14 at Italy’s Magione Track. Having fought very hard with his team-mates in the front group, he has shown that his level has risen and he is able to compete for podiums and wins. Starts continue and is one of the great trumpets of Vasilis, who in the first race managed from 7th to climb to 5th place. But then he came in contact -one of the many in the fights on the Italian championship – to put him in 11th place. Vasilis gave it all for 6th place, which involved 4 riders, eventually finishing 7th with one difference just a tenth from the 6th!
In the second race seven riders battled to win. Between them the amazing Vassilis Panteleakis, who was again unbeatable in the start, climbing to the 3rd position from the first turn.
The race was interrupted two times, but Basil stayed focused and in the third start with an unmistakable perseverance and dynamic overtaking, he proved to have nothing to fear. There were epic battles with Vassilis finally finishing 7th. The six riders behind the first all finished in 9 tenths!


Race 05

Vassilis Panteleakis, the Greek rider competing in the MiniGP top division this past weekend, continued his dynamic presence at the Italian championship.
The race took place on the Franciacorta track in Italy and was the last for this season.
The first freestyle took a bit of adjusting after the big summer break, but he quickly showed his good face and in the first leg of the qualifiers, on a track full of water, managed to make the 3rd year among 20 riders!
Among them, Vasilis, who made it all the way to the final turn of the final round, made a spectacular run, climbing to 5th place and finally losing the podium to just 4 tenths, having the third best time in the race with less than three. tenth of the first!
The second race was even tougher in combat than the first, with Vassilis still standing superbly throughout, being in the top six which – in the end – had only a second difference!
The track was in better condition and the times were well over, with the Greek rider again having one of the best times on the track (7th), finally finishing in 6th place, losing the podium for three tenths of a second!
This strong presence also ended this year’s season for Vassilis Panteleakis, who eventually finished 7th in the MiniGP top division rankings, with 23 appearances, scoring 79 points in 10 games.
The team and Vassilis want to thank the sponsors for their valuable support throughout the year, as well as all the Greek fans who support him in their own unique way.





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